Los Angeles Amerykanski La-La Land Michael Stalmarsk book cover

Los Angeles

American La-La land

Woody Allen once stated that the only advantage of Los Angeles, and its greatest value, is the ability to turn right at an intersection at a red light. John Lennon believed that Los Angeles was one huge car park where he only stopped to eat a hamburger on his way to San Francisco. Michael Stalmarsk, who in his book “Los Angeles. American La-La Land”, proves that this city is a real legend, a historical pearl, a mysterious future of the US and an inexhaustible source of creative energy that creates things that become the property of people globally, absolutely does not agree with this.

Las Vegas Amerykanska sodoma i gomora Michael Stalmarsk book cover

Las Vegas

Amerykańska Sodoma i Gomora

During its more than 100-year history, an army of people passed through Las Vegas who belonged to a large group of extreme egocentrics, morbid gamblers, corrupt politicians, power and money-hungry entrepreneurs, former clients of prisons, smugglers, moonshiners, gangsters, policemen with criminal past, lawyers and artists with fancies for contacts with the criminal world or the heads of large corporations operating on the border of the law. Honesty and nobility may not have been their trademark, but they had something that characterized true American heroes. They had ideas – fantastically good ideas. Appropriate to the era in which they lived, to the expectations of the people, even if those expectations were outrageous, on the verge of what was allowed and tolerated by the majority of society. Las Vegas is a city that knows no boundaries. A city where nothing cannot be created or cannot be blown up; there is no money that cannot be won or lost. A place where people do their best not to have contact with reality, where their stay becomes a joyful fiction. “Las Vegas is the best city to live in the world, as long as you don’t have any weaknesses. If you have one, we’ll find it.” Jack Benny Binion – casino manager.

Detroit An American Underdog Story Michael Stalmarsk book


An American underdog story

What has happened to the city once thought to be the symbol of American success? For many, Detroit is the symbol of the failure of American capitalism. Due to its size and momentum, it is not possible to simply hide the problems away.

The city has found itself in the middle of a desperate fight to maintain the remnants of its pride and force. Detroit today is who the famous cinematic boxer Rocky Balboa once was; despite hearing the count to “nine” multiple times on his way to hell and back, he has fought until the very end of every round, hoping to survive and return in glory in that final one.

Everyone can notice changes taking place in the city. It’s not about more stores, offices or new residential homes. Large projects have begun and with their scale, they are able to impress the inhabitant of every big American town.